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Sustainable Development Thailand's Sourcebook

Book Design, Printing, Layout and Infographic

"Sustainable development" and "sustainability" have become ubiquitous buzzwords in Thailand. But what do these concepts really mean and how can they be applied? Thailand's Sustainable Development Sourcebook is the essential guide you need to understand this defining movement of our times: Who created it? What are the most daunting challenges and the greatest opportunities for Thailand? Who are the local pioneers? And what actions, policies and projects are paving the way for a truly balanced and inclusive Thailand?

Featuring a stunning range of infographics, statistics, interviews, case studies and illustrations, Thailand's Sustainable Development Sourcebook is a unique resource that will help you to quickly grasp key issues and ideas, and also appreciate the inspiring efforts already under way across the country. This book is for all levels of reader and for anyone who cares about the future of Thailand and our planet. Learn more about how you can become involved - through your daily life, local community or business - in the quest for sustainable development.

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